Comrade Tripp

Born and raised in Saint Cloud, Minnesota; a city as large as it is small. Comrade Tripp successfully escaped to Minneapolis and has since been named one of Growler Magazine’s Comics To Watch for the first two-and-a-half months of 2020, and is a co-producer of Uproar Performing Arts. He has performed in the 2017 10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival, the 2020 Fargo Comedy Festival, and has taken second place in The House of Comedy’s Funniest Person with a Day Job Contest as well as Sisyphus Brewing’s Funniest Person in Minneapolis Contest, twice. He has never actually won anything in his life, and he never will. Despite his despondent disposition, He’s a child at heart, insomuch that he cannot be trusted to take care of himself and has no self esteem whatsoever, the rest of his body is very old.

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