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Hodgetwins Special Presentation

June 09
07:00 PM
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Before getting into the entertainment industry and making YouTube videos, both Keith and Kevin Hodge worked in several different industries.

They’ve been enlisted in the Marine Corps, they worked as undercover security guards pretending to be customers to catch potential shoplifters, and they worked at an insurance company. However, they never seemed to enjoy what they were doing. While they were working at the insurance company, they started making YouTube videos on the side.

One day, while they were at work, Keith Hodge had the idea of quitting their jobs and making YouTube videos full-time.

On December 25, 2008, Kevin and Keith Hodge uploaded their first video on their first YouTube channel, The Hodgetwins. It was a comedy sketch that involved an argument inside a restroom. The channel eventually turned into a comedy channel where they would give their views on current events.

Once the channel gained traction, the twins eventually branched out to discussing different subjects.

They started giving relationship advice, which was first suggested by one of their subscribers.

They coined the interpretative phrase “sugar walls” as slang for a woman’s vagina and “mushroom tip” to refer to a man’s penis.

After gaining traction on their first channel, Keith and Kevin focused on their personal fitness and started uploading videos on what is their most popular channel, Twin Muscle Workout. It has 2 million subscribers as of December 2018.

After posting their first video, they received a lot of harsh criticism in the comments section. This led to the Hodge Twins ending every video with the disclaimer:”Do whatever the fuck you want.” This turned out to be one of the Hodge Twins’ most famous and emphatic catchphrases.

Over the last few years, the Hodge Twins have aimed to legitimize ourselves as stand-up comedians and actors. They now do comedy tours all over the world.

Their comedy sets are inspired by Richard Pryor and Bill Burr as they have a narrative format infused with jokes based on outlandish personal stories of their relationships, past job experiences, and growing up poor.


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